10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Fat Guy

Have you ever been with a guy who’s obsessed with his own body and hits the gym like it’s his job? Your conversation can never go deeper than discussing protein shakes and gains… when I’d much rather be talking about (and then eating) pizza and poutine. I have dated a gym freak once and it was quite annoying.A chubby guy is what every girl needs! Dad bods are so hot right now. Not a single girl I know cares about dudes’ rock hard abs and lean muscles… Yes, they’re fun to look at in the beginning, but then it’s just like – whatever, meh! So here’s why you need a chubby guy in your life ASAP.

1. You’ll feel more confident around him

You’ll feel like a Victoria’s Secret model next to a chubby dude. He won’t be stealing the show, that’s for sure. You’ll always be the cute one in the couple and he won’t mind it. Yey, perfect!

2. Chubby guys cuddle better

They’re warm, soft and comfortable. Chubsters are basically the best human body pillows ever. They’re like big and cuddly teddy bears. You love to cuddle a chubby guy and you know it.

3. Chubby guys love food

They obviously love food and know all the best places to eat at. Also, there is a very good chance that your chubby guy is an amazing cook and is willing to cook for you. *drops panties*

4. Chubby guys are better in bed

Apparently, they’re always DTF. In addition, they won’t hurt you with their bones sticking out. You can ride them for as long as you want without a single bruise afterwards. Skinny guys leave bruises. Chubby guys have nothing but love to give.

5. Chubby guys will not make you jealous

Typically, they’re not exactly the type of guys other girls want to sleep with. So you won’t have to worry about other females throwing themselves at your man. Score!

6. Chubby guys don’t judge your eating habits

They’ll NEVER make any mean comments about you finishing a whole pizza by yourself or something. He’ll probably even high five you, like “That’s my girl!” Not to mention that he probably won’t notice if you gain a couple of pounds either.

7. Wearing their clothes will be the best thing ever

You know that feeling when you borrow a skinny guy’s sweat pants and can barely fit in them? Worst. Feeling. Ever. Wearing a chubby guy’s clothes will be the best and most comfortable thing of life.

8. You’ll feel safe next to a chubby guy

A chubby boyfriend looks so big and strong. He can protect you! You’re like his damsel in distress and he’s your knight in shining armor. So romantic!

9. Chubby guys give the best hugs

They give the best hugs in the world. Chubby guys wrap you in their arms and make you feel like a tiny delicate Tinkerbell. Lovelovelove.

10. You’ll love to grab their butt cheeks

Chubby guys have two sets of cute cheeks… and both are so grabbable. Yes, girls love to grab butt cheeks too.

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