Principles For Setting Definite Dates

1) It’s always best to ask, “When are you free to get together?” or “What’s your schedule like this coming week?” or “What’s your schedule availability like this week to meet up?” It’s much easier to ask her when she is available, and then pick one of those days and times that you are also available, instead of asking her out for specific days and times before you know her availability. (The idea is to be successful in finding out when she’s available.)

2) Only make dates with women who seem excited and enthusiastic about making a date with you. (Way too many guys only pay attention to their own attraction level towards a woman and completely ignore the fact she has no enthusiasm towards going out on a date with them.)

3) The more resistance you encounter when trying to set a date, the higher the likelihood she will be a no show, turn you down, give you a non-answer or cancel.

4) Never accept a maybe date. If you hear a “maybe” when you ask a woman out, withdraw the offer and say this: “It sounds like you are unsure of your schedule. Why don’t we just do it another time?” (That’s what we call the takeaway in sales. After you say that, you can’t say anything else. You must wait for her to respond.) (She’ll either back up and accept your terms, meaning you’re in, or just unenthusiastically say “okay,” which means you’re out), or “It sounds like you are unsure of your schedule. Why don’t you just get in touch with me when you figure out your schedule, and we can plan something then?” (Don’t start calling and texting if you haven’t heard from her in a few days. Never contact a woman again if you told her to get in touch with you.) Then, end the call or conversation. Never contact a woman again if you told her to get in touch with you when she figures out her schedule. She will only contact you in the future to do so if there is enough interest on her part. Otherwise, you will never hear from her again.

5) Never accept a call back to verify the plans or call back to confirm the plans type of date. (If she’s not sure of her schedule, you should tell her you’ll do it some other time.) If you do, there is a 99.9999% chance you will never have a date. Women who have low interest will tell you to call back to confirm.

6) If she says something may come up or she may have to do something else, never accept this. You either have definite plans or no deal, withdraw the offer.

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