Having Sex With My Son, Is The Most Incredible Thing – Mother (A Must Read)


I married Ted at the end of our senior year. He was the quarterback, the most handsome boy in school, and seduced most of the pretty girls in school. I won many beauty contests and Ted. and ,many other men, some old enough to be my dad tried to seduce me but I held out.

Ted promised to always be true and I think he has. A year later we had a son .Jimmie. He looks like his dad and has the same personality.

The girls love him and his dad told me he tought he had his first conquest at 14. Ted had a great job, but it requires he be away two nights each week. One evening while he was away and Jimmie was on a date I took a long soaking bath. When I got out I rubbed down with lotion and without any other clothers wrapped my terry cloth robe around me and tied the belts around me. As I walked through the living room on my way to the bedroom Jimmie walked through the front door. What are you doing home so early I asked. Sue and I broke up. Well, I replied things will work out. Maybe he said. Perhaps some day I will find a girl as pretty as you. My friends think you are the prettiest and hottest woman in town. They say they always think bout you when the are gettinjg themselves off. Jimmie, that is awful. You shouldn’t say things ;like that if if is were true. It is true mom. You are beautiful and look 20 years younger than you are. I even think about you. He walked over quickly and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. Have you been drinking son? Yea, a little. Then the reached around me for a little hug and when he did his fingers caught my belt and my robe seperated exposing my naked body. He immediately reached down, picked me up and carried me to his bed and dropped me gently. He immediately dropped his trousers and as I started to get up he pushed me back and lay down between my legs. I could feel his erection and I was afraid of what was going to happen. I had always been true, and now my own son wanted me. I kept telling him no, please don’t do this, but he said mom I have wanted you since I was 14. I told myself I would just make my mind a blank and not remember any of this. Then I felt his penis strting to penetrate me and felt like his dad only larger around. Soon he was fully extended in me and his rhythem was like nothing I had ever enjoyed. Try as hard as I might, I couldn’t get my mind off of the pleasure I was feeling and got into the rhythm with him. You like me don’t you mom, he said. Son, you know I love you. Sure, I know that, but you like the way I am fucking you. I can tell. I said nothing but continued to give him s good as I was getting. It didn’t take very long until I felt one of the best climaxes I had ever had and he followed immeditely with his pushing his sperm deep into me.Oh mom, that was the best sex I have ever had. You are really good. We rested there for a while. He got up removed all his clothes and went to the bathroom to wash off. Don’t you go anywhere mom for I will bring you wash cloth and I need some more of you. Shortly thereafter he took me again both of us naked. This time he didn’t have to rape me. It has been over six months and we still sleep together when his dad Ted is way. Fortuntely we have a chain for our door and don’t have to worry. He is alwys telling me how beautiful I am \and that I have the best ass he has ever had. Ted, my husband has mentioned that I climax better and seem to enjoy sex more lately. I don’t dare tell him that when he and I are doing it I am thinkng of our son being in me. I don’t know how much longer this will continue but Intend to enjoy it for s long as I can.

You probably think I am terrible, and I know I am, but I blame it on my son for getting me addicted to his wonderful young sex with his unique rhythm that makes me climax three or four times each time we fuck. For other mothers who are young and attractive.If you have a son old enough for sex, he probably wants to fuck you too.

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  1. Richard says:

    That was hot I always wanted my mom…jimmie very Lucy to have you.

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  2. Dan says:

    Wish i could see pics of you and your son fucking even a video

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  3. Nunabuisness says:

    So I need a way to contact you personally. I needing advice on how to approach my mother for sex

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