Signs Your Partner is About To Break Up with You

5. They’re Suddenly AWOL on Social Media
Out of nowhere, your main squeeze decides
social media just isn’t for them anymore. They
suddenly don’t like the idea of being “watched”
by Big Brother. Hmmm…odd, especially since it
was never an issue before. But how does going
Amish on social media have anything to do with
your relationship? Well, it’s actually the perfect
plan, you see!
Facebook and Instagram are basically online
collages of you two sharing dessert, vacationing
together, and watching the sunset. You even
check in at each other’s apartments! If the fire in
your relationship is gone and your partner is
looking to move on, it would be pretty hard to do
with pages and pages of evidence that he or she
is still committed to someone else. With no
traceable proof that you two are an item, your
partner is putting themselves back up for grabs.
If looking for a new flame isn’t a sign your
relationship is dead, we don’t know what is.

4. Your Phone Ain’t Ringing
You can do all the test calls you want, we both
know your phone isn’t broken! Your significant
other just isn’t calling you back – which is a sure-
fire sign they’re starting to write you out of the
equation. Your voicemail used to have a ton of
messages every day – it was borderline scary!
And now you can’t get a returned call or text
message without faking a medical emergency.
There’s definitely trouble in paradise when one
person just can’t seem to make time for the
other. We get it – he or she is just busy. But
unless they’re out there deciding the fate of the
free world or working as the PR reps for the
Kardashian empire, they’re not busy enough to
not make time for you! The question is: do they
want to? Judging by your cell phone’s full battery
despite not having been charged in two days,
we’re going to have to say no, they don’t want to.

3. They Need a Minute – Or Like a Lot Longer
If your partner is asking for space in your
relationship, it’s pretty clear they need some
time to process how they really feel about things.
They’re obviously having a moment and need to
figure things out – without any interference from
you and your relationship.
As time goes on, relationships can slowly become
more distant. But a straight up demand for it –
especially when it seems to come from absolutely
nowhere Even if it doesn’t mean the end for
good, it does mean there is some serious doubt
going on. That alone is enough to plant a wedge
between the two of you and cause some damage
you may not be able to repair.

2. Convos Are Turning Into Monologues
You guys used to talk about everything. With the
cheeky banter going back and forth, you never
had a quiet or dull moment. And now, you find
yourself asking pointless questions just to get
anything more than a one-word answer out of
this person! You may even instigate an argument
just to get some sort of reaction and still –
When your partner seems to shut down and
doesn’t even care enough to argue with you
anymore, it’s safe to say this isn’t exactly a
match made in heaven. Your partner has lost
interest in sharing anything with you and his or
her mind literally goes blank when you strike up
a convo. If you’re now the only one keeping the
conversation going, you’ve officially entered into
a relationship with yourself. On the plus side, at
least you’re discussing with someone who is
finally on your level!

1. You Just Know
Don’t underestimate the power of intuition. If
you have that nasty feeling in the pit of your
stomach and you just know your significant
other isn’t in it anymore, they probably aren’t.
You can try to come up with different ways of
excusing their strange and suddenly distant
behaviour, but eventually you’ll have to face
If you’re not feeling the love anymore, it may be
because the other person just isn’t giving you
any. It doesn’t mean it’s anyone’s fault.
Sometimes relationships just don’t work out
without any particular reason. The sooner you
can admit to yourself what’s really going on, the
sooner you can get back into the swing of things
and move on with someone who does want to
pretend they hate PDA and loves shooting the
sh*t with you.

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