Must Read: My First And Last S*x With My Sugar Mummy – Full story


A car drove into the compound, a clean white
Toyota Camry car, loud music playing in the car,
I was on the balcony wondering who owns is new
car making noise in our compound. To my
surprise it was one of my friend Ejiro, who rode
the car into the car. Ejiro came out holding two
bottles of Hennessey shouting……
Ejiro: Yes ooo! I have arrived, my toy has finally
arrived, come and celebrate with me….. (Full of
Are you for real? Ejiro son buy new car?
Everybody quickly gathered around and joined
him, I rushed downstairs to join the celebration.
In the spirit of celebration, everybody
congratulated him, I hugged him, me set hugged
sip Hennessey. Was still surprised how Ejiro did
it cos we both are into yahoo and yahoo doesn’t
pay much does it even pay this days. I hugged
him again…….
Me: Guy I dey loyal oooo, how you take do am?
Ja Mi si, how did you do it?
Ejiro: oh boy! I don land patapata for this
campus, Na my madam do am for me oooo.
Me: Hahahahaha! Which madam be that one
again? Your mother abi your girlfriend? Ja Mi si
bobo yii.
Ejiro: Oya! Jimi you omo jazi ni, Na my sugar
mama surprise me with this tear rubber…
Indeed! I was happy for him, I was really happy
for him and he is very lucky. Anyway, my name
is Jimi, I’m in my early 20s, 300l student in
Olabisi Onabanjo University. Me and my friends
are yahoo boys, like I said earlier, we don’t really
make much from it but at least we still use it to
do some packaging as per big boys thing. I was
really happy for my pal Ejiro on his new ride but
somehow I became jealous, cos we are all into
this yahoo but I guess his own has become yahoo
plus because he’s into sugar mummy thing,
there is this sugar mummy he just met that she’s
really taking care of him. Sugar mummy? I can’t
imagine myself having sexual inter course with
someone old enough to be my mother.
After Ejiro brought the car into the compound,
we all celebrated, rejoiced and went clubbing that
night, Ejiro spent over 100k at the club alone. I
invited my girlfriend Anita to come celebrate
with us in which she came. We had enough fun
till we all went home that’d night. Me and Anita
got our hostel, actually I stay in self contain on
campus. I was kinda tipsy and Hot that night. I
just couldn’t stop smooching Anita’s ass all night,
my dick was already hard, we were just kissing,
we couldn’t wait to get to my room, we were just
kissing, smooching, squeezing her boobs, playing
with my dick in my trouser, we were really
smooching ourselves till we get to my room door.
Anita: Where is the key?
I was behind her kissing her, smooching her, I
brought out the key from my back pocket,
immediately I gave her the key, I quickly pulled
off my belt, unzipping my trouser, she was still
trying to open the door, Anita was wearing a
mini gown with no underwear, I quickly
unzipped my trouser, pulled my trouser and
boxer brought out my fat, long and erected dick,
pulled her gown up.
Anita: Baby what are you doing? Let’s get inside
I couldn’t wait anymore and Anita was not
concentrating while opening, she was taking too
much of time cos I was really in the mood, I
brought out my dick and inserted into Anita’s
Kitty-Cat from behind, she moaned.
When I inserted my dick in her Kitty-Cat it was
like the best thing ever, I brought my dick out
again and inserted it again, I keep going, kept
bleeping her from behind till she finally open the
door, we entered the room, there was no light, I
kept on bleeping her from behind while walking
inside the room gently with my trouser and
boxer still on my knees, I couldn’t stop but keep
bleeping her. Entered the too , closed the door
then she faced me this time, I pulled my shirt,
kissing her, I pulled off her gown, she wasn’t
wearing a bra, Anita has a nice boobs, sucking
her Tip, i used my toes to pull off my shoes then
removed my boxers and trouser hanging on my
knees. Playing with my dick, I have a very nice
dick you know.
Me: suck my dick (kissing her)
Anita bent down and was giving me the sweetest
Mouth Gig, I was moaning, squeezing her boobs
with my two hands while she was on her knees
giving me the Mouth Action. I lifted her up,
kissing her, smooching, we reached the bed,
pushed her on the bed.
Me: I’m gonna Bleep you so bad…
She laughed in a flirty way, I jumped on her, I
manipulated her Kitty-Cat while kissing her, I
just couldn’t wait to penetrate her Kitty-Cat, I
began to Bleep her, doing it so fast, at some point
I will stop, bring out my dick, rimming her Kitty-
Cat and inserted my dick again, kept on going on
and on, bleeping her, kissing her, bleeping her
sweet Kitty-Cat, calabar Kitty-Cat. bleeped her so
fast, really bleeping her and she kept on moan-
calling my name. I became faster this time cos I
was about to cum, kai, the sweetest part,
breathing heavily, about to cum, I quickly
brought out my dick and cum on her laps. I’m
very good with withdrawal method. Breathing
heavily till we slept off……
To Be Continued…..

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