Good relationships – signs that things are working


You like each other for who you are. You want each
other to feel good and you support each other’s goals in

You are independent and have your own interests.
You see your own family and friends whenever you want
– alone and with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
You are good at listening and talking to each other.
You have different opinions and sometimes fight but you
listen to each other and compromise.
You make big decisions together, and you can both
make compromises. For example, you take turns
deciding what movie to watch!
You can tell each other truthfully what you think and
what you want without being afraid of being hurt or put
down. You trust the other person to be honest with you



Sexual contact is what you both want – no one is
pressured into it. You can be honest with each other
about what you like/don’t like.
If there is jealousy, you listen to each other, talk about
it, and try to work things out together (instead of
making threats or demands that restrict the other
person’s freedom).
You both respect the other person’s right to have their
own private communication with their friends and family.
You agree about whether you are seeing other people or
only each other.
You accept each other the way you are.


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