Bad relationships – signs that things aren’t working


Trying to change the other person rather than accepting
them for who they are.

Not trusting each other or lying to each other
You (or your partner) don’t talk much or open up about
your feelings.

Fighting a lot. Things don’t seem to get worked out.

There is a lot of tension when you are together.

Constantly worrying that relationship is going to end or
that the other person is interested in someone else.

One of you or both of you give up your friends or other
interests for the sake of the relationshi



You have to see each other all the time.
Secretly reading the other person’s Facebook or texts to
see what they are up to.
Feeling overwhelmed by the other person’s demands or
Feeling like you don’t know who you are or what you
want anymore.
Friends or family say they are worried about you or your
There’s lots of criticisms or jokes that hurt or embarrass
the other person.
You don’t look forward to spending time together.

Some of these things can mean you need to sit down
with your BF/Gf and have a serious talk.

Some are early warning signs that things are not okay.
Some might mean you want to call it quits.

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