6 Ways To Date Two Women At Once And Not Feel Like An Awful Human Being


Guys do it all the time. Dating multiple women at once
isn’t an uncommon occurrence… for jerks. If you’re
considering doing the same, these six ways to date two
women at once and not feel like an awful human being
will help you to rationalize such animal like behavior.

Developing an ability to think of nothing but your own
feelings is the foundation for successfully pulling off
this social juggling act. Here’s how to date two women,
and not feel awful about it.
Be truthful. The best way to salvage your emotions is
just to be honest. Let both ladies know you’re not trying
to be tied down. If they choose to go along with it,
then it’s their problems right? You told them both. When
you start feeling like a jerk, simply remind yourself that
you told them you didn’t want an exclusive relationship.
Now, try not being hurt when they do the same to you.

Suppress Emotion. Don’t get too close to either of them.
Don’t share intimate aspects of your existence. Don’t be
there for them. All you’re there for is to go out and have
a good time. If you build no emotional connection, then
you don’t run the risk of feeling like a jerk when you
realize you’ve hurt both of them. If you feel like you’re
becoming particularly attached to one woman over the
other, then you have a decision to make: continue down
the primrose path, or break it off with one of them



No sex. Sex breeds more than just babies. It builds a
connection and personal feelings. Guys try to ignore
them, but it happens to us too. Once you enter into the
sexual realm with someone, feelings are bound to
develop. If you don’t want to feel awful about dating two
girls, don’t have sex with them. Simple as that. Avoid
anything intimate, or you’ll open Pandora’s box.

Don’t trust either one. The easiest way to justify dating
two girls is to make yourself believe, really believe, that
either one of the chicks would cheat on you given the
chance. Lots of men who juggle women have trust
issues. Tap into your own trust issues, and you too can
date multiple chicks without feeling that sting of
remorse. Make yourself really believe that they aren’t
trustworthy. Find ”evidence” to support your claims.
Indulge every temptation. The best way to get over
being a jerk is to submerse yourself in being that jerk.
Lie, cheat, be as much of a selfish jerk as you can be
until you just get used to it. Eventually you’ll go numb
to the fact that you’re acting so badly. You won’t care
about them, only your selfish wants. Seriously, it gets
easier the more you do it. Strive to be the biggest
Dorian Gray you can be.

Don’t date two for too long. Put your girls on shifts. Date
two chicks for a few months, then cut them off. Find two
more girls to do the same to. You’ll never be able to
develop lasting relationships this way, but look on the
bright side: these women won’t develop feelings for you
either. They’ll forget about you very quickly and attempt
to move on to guys who will appreciate them. You won’t
cause any lasting damage, which should make you feel
good. All the while you’ll be meeting more and more
women without establishing anything. Eventually you’ll
be as old as Hugh Hefner trying to find someone to hang
out with you… without Hefner money.

Don’t Be Selfish Kindly Share

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