Married In School, Single At Home In Nigeria Universities


The rate at which some girls live with their
boyfriend (student) in their various off
campus is becoming very alarming.
Sometimes, its a pity seeing a beautiful,
promising young girl living with a boy who is
also her fellow student in school as a room mate

The worst part of it is that, if you ask her, she
will open her mouth to tell you that the boy is
her fiance.

You are in school, every weekend you disappear
into tin air and return Sunday evening or
Monday morning in the name of spending time
with your boy friend, keep flying, a day is
coming that your wings will be so broken on the
high way!.. You know what that means…
You leave home telling your parents that you are
resuming school only for you to now hang on the
road camping for weeks in his place before you
finally return to school, you are doomed I must
tell you…

See!… 99.0% of Campus relationships end at the
school gate…. Stop fooling yourself….
Girls wise up! .its very painful because their
parents are not aware and they keep collecting
house rent from them. Before you think of living
with ur boyfrnd as your room mate, ask yourself
this questions;

Why am I in school?

Does this boy has a plan for his future? Let alone

What advice will I give to my children in future?

Where will this wrong relationship take me to?

* I weep for the young ladies * you call it school
life, but i call it stupidity of the highest order.
You guys should desist from this ugly behaviour.
Its bad!!!!

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